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As a student, you do not have a lot of money to waste. It is therefore essential that you do thorough researchandhire the right services. This review tells you ‘is UKwriting legit?’ is a website that supposedly serves UK college students who want their essays written and edited.

They have a team of professionals who edit, proofread, write dissertations, admission essays, and assignments. They claim to be “the best essay writing service in the UK.” There are numerous fake reviews that it is difficult for a customer to know whether they are an excellent service or not. Well, the truth is that other services are much better than UKwritings. This honest UKwritings reviewwill tell you why this service may not be the best one in the industry.

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UKWritings Review ✔️ Legit and Reliable? | February 2023 (5) Before you choose to create an account with them, you need to make sure that you know the prices offered by the service. Every site online that offers this service has different prices for the different services they offer. Most of the time, the price you will have to pay will depend on the length of the deadline and the length of the papers to be written. The price offered by UKwritings is average. It is not an expensive website. You can also take advantage of the UKwritings discount codeto get the prices reduced significantly. As a first-time buyer, you get a 16% discount on any service with their code. There are lifetime discounts for loyal customers which may level out at 15% off once they have done 100 pages for you. The biggest issue with this service is that the price is the only good thing about them.


UKWritings Review ✔️ Legit and Reliable? | February 2023 (6) According to the company, their writers are picked from all over the UK for their qualifications and impeccable writing skills. Once you order a paper, the website states that they will match you with some of the writers who are best qualified for the job. The writers are matched according to the degree and level they are qualified for. This is supposed to give you peace of mind that you are getting the best writer for your job. We wanted to test this and therefore ordered a 2-page paper from them.

Once we ordered the paper, we got to choose a writer from the list provided. The paper was terribly written, that is to put it nicely. The writer was too general and not within the topic given. There were also many syntax and grammar errors that will make it problematic to understand the paper. The word count was also less than what was stipulated in the instructions. Clearly, the writer did not put any effort into writing the paper. This has been a common complaint from other reviewswho have used the service have. The writers are less than qualified, and most do not understand the differences between UK and US English. It is clear that most of the writers are not from the UK and they are not as qualified as they allege on the site.


The quality we received was not something to write home about. The grammar was terrible, and most of the paragraphs were not easy to understand. We passed the paper through a plagiarism checker, and more than 70% of it was plagiarized, copy-pasted from an online source. The terrible quality of this service is something that customers have talked about. Customers were particularly unhappy. It shows that the website does not put a lot of effort into scrutinizing its writers to ensure that they hire only the best talent.

It was all shades of bad after I got my paper from UKWritings when I decided to try them out. I got a badly written paper, and when I requested a revision, the writer did absolutely nothing new on my paper; it was re-sent to me exactly the way I sent it. It was clearly stated on the website that they would refund my money if I am dissatisfied with their service, my request for a refund was ignored, and they insisted on the fact that they only hire the best writers—a very bad company. – Lucas V., James Madison University student

Customer support services

UKWritings Review ✔️ Legit and Reliable? | February 2023 (7) The service got away with our money although we had clear evidence that the writer did a terrible job. They state on the website that the support staff is available to both writers and customer complaints 24/7. Well, they took almost 48 hours to respond to our complaint. They did not even care to check at any evidence we had. They told us that they only hire the best writers and are satisfied that the writer delivered what we had ordered.

When we asked for a refund, they did not send us all the money. They took more than half of the money. On their website, they state that they will refund 100% of a customer’s money, no questions asked if they are unsatisfied by the service. That is a total lie. The customer support staff did not find it courteous enough to explain why they did not refund all the money regardless of the messages we sent to them.

Unlimited revisions

The writers are rude when you ask them to revise their work. Regardless of whether the revision you are asking is genuine or not, they do not like to revise. Even when they do re-work the paper, the quality is still terrible. We asked them to revise the paper four times. The last two times the writer did absolutely nothing. They accepted to revise and stayed with the paper for a couple of hours and returned it to use just as we had sent it- with some parts that they were to correct still highlighted.


Numerous other services are indeed better than Avoid wasting your money by hiring a service that will disappoint you and will not offer you a full refund. This review should not only make you feel sad for the students who have used the service, but it should also encourage you to do more thorough research when you are choosing an academic writing service. Rated: 3.2

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Verdict: SCAM, not worth the money

All the information inside can be found for free online (check the end of this post to learn about alternatives). The training is okay, if you don't know what Freelance Writing is you will learn, but there are no secret tips that are going to make you a successful Freelance Writer.

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